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NOTICE: "As of January 2002! - Texas State Bar Assess new FINES & PENALTIES" for incomplete MCLE Requirements

Under Texas MCLE Regulation 1.4, the State Bar now requires that all MCLE be completed by the end of an attorney's birth month, and is reinforcing this rquirements with a series of new fines and penalties. If an attorney does not complete all MCLE as required by the State Bar by the last day of his/her birth month, fines or suspension may result (please refer to sections 7.3 and 9.1 of the Texas MCLE Regulations for further information).


The State Bar now requires that attorneys personally log onto the State Bar web-site to register completion of MCLE courses taken during that critical period surrounding the end of last day of his/her birth month to make sure all requirements are met: Notify the State Bar on-line of the course completion at

Please Note : ILEAD does engage in an automated transmission of all completed courses to the State Bar mid-month and at the end of the month as a courtesy to all those who take ILEAD courses. With the new requirements of the State Bar - ILEAD will have to now transmit completion logs for students by no later than 12:00 Noon on the last "working day" of any month in which courses are taken. "IF YOU TAKE COURSES THROUGH ILEAD THE LAST WEEKDAY OR LATER OF ANY MONTH, AND YOUR MCLE REQUIREMENTS ARE AT A CRITICAL REPORTING POINT- YOU MUST ENTER THE STATE BAR WEB-SITE TO LOG COMPLETION OF THE COURSE TAKEN AT THE ILEAD WEB-SITE. ILEAD cannot assume the responsibility of making sure that your MCLE records are correct, associated with any ILEAD course completion after noon on the last week day (non-holiday) of any month. We ask that you assume the responsibility of any critical reporting deadlines associated with MCLE course completion. ILEAD will continue to service all those who take MCLE courses with automated transmission of all courses completed by attorneys, as we have always done - both mid-month and at the end of the month. We cannot however, be responsible for meeting the new deadlines and penalty requirements imposed by the State Bar as of January 2002 - where the completion of your MCLE credit information is critically close to the last day of your birth month requirements. We appreciate your continued support - all of our staff is available to help for any questions you may have regarding credit.

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