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     Welcome to Internet Legal Education And Development's Law Practice and Procedures Program, a unique and comprehensive approach to practice management for firms of all sizes. The first few courses are currently available and more are being added every month. You may access a summary of courses by clicking on Course Menu.

Who uses ILEAD?

Lawyers who want to enroll in approved CLE programs at their convenience, day or night, at home or in the office.
Lawyers opening new offices who want practical, ready-to-use forms and procedures to take them from the first client contact to completion of the matter.
Lawyers with established practices who want to improve efficient delivery of high-quality legal services.
Law Office Administrators who need to formalize the way individual lawyers and support staff manage clients and cases.
Legal Secretaries who need to find a way to do more work in less time at consistently high standards.
Paralegals searching for ways to improve case and client management.

This comprehensive program is organized in a client-centered format. It begins with the first contact from a new client as it is recorded on a New Business Screening Form and proceeds along a designated curriculum through the New Business Intake Form, Conflicts of Interest Search and Report, Engagement Letters and Fee Agreements, through Case Management, Billing Procedures, Records Management, Personnel Management and much more. Therefore, you may find it most helpful to enroll in each course in the order in which it is presented.

The primary purpose of this comprehensive program is to help you establish forms and procedures for your law practice. Studies have shown that most law firms of ten or fewer lawyers, and many much larger ones as well, have no practice and procedures manual. If they do have a manual, chances are very good that it is at least three years out of date and most likely does not cover many of the points that it should. Even lawyers, secretaries and administrators who recognize the need for documenting procedures and building a procedures manual seldom have enough time to construct one. Instead, they use many different forms and follow individual routines year after year, often without any clear understanding of how they affect the firm's primary purpose of total client satisfaction.

The ILEAD, INC. program solves that problem. It provides ready-to-use, practice management forms. Each lesson also contains instruction, special tips and a "Lawyer's Risk and Benefit Analysis" questionnaire which are keyed to the sample form.

The most important aspects of any established set of procedures are:

  1. That the procedures exist
  2. That they are documented
  3. That they meet the needs of the firm
  4. That they are used by everyone in the firm
  5. That they are used consistently
  6. That they are updated regularly

However, no one set of procedures and forms can be all things to all lawyers. It is important that the forms recommended in this continuing education program meet the needs of your firm so that you and your staff will use them consistently. As a result, you may need to customize some of them to fit the areas of law in which you practice.

For example, if your firm is already using a New Business Screening Form which you believe fits the needs of your particular practice, compare it with the one in Course No. 1. Does it answer all of the "Lawyer's Risks and Benefits Analysis" questions? If so, you may want to continuing using it. If it does not collect all important data, decide whether to use the one provided in Course No. 1 or modify yours to make it complete.

For more information about our courses or to purchase a course, refer to How to Order, Email us, or contact our corporate headquarters directly at:

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