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2.3 Conflicts of Interest Waivers

.50 Hours Credit in TX, 1.5 Hours Credit in CA and OR
States: TX, CA, OR
Credit Hours:
.50 in TX, 1.5 in CA and OR
Cost: 19.95 in TX, 59.93 in CA and OR
Credit Categories by State:

Legal Ethics, Law Office Management, Participatory Credit, Professional Responsibility Legal Ethics, Participatory Credit Legal Ethics


     Is it possible to create a truly effective conflicts waiver? Find out what doesn't work. Learn what must be included, how and when to ask clients to sign waivers, and the risks inherent in using even the best waivers.

Course Covers:

  • Principles Governing Conflicts Waivers
  • Guide to Composing Conflicts Waivers
  • Special Tips
  • Lawyer's Risk & Benefits Analysis
  • Conflicts Waiver Examples

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